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Crashes and cheaters ruin online multiplayer games

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Crash reporting for game development

BugSplat is used by game development teams to identify, triage, and fix critical crashes their users experience while gaming. Their approach of data-focused reporting gives your team deep insight into defects in your code, helping you develop, ship and support truly world-class games.

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Why use BugSplat?

Understand why your game crashed

Quickly see crash specific data like the function and line number of the crash, the environment it took place in, and a user description of the event.

Identify your most important defects

BugSplat groups similar crashes together helping you to quickly identify the most critical defects causing your game to crash.

Fix your game quickly

The best type of crash is the one your users don't even notice. BugSplat gives you a head start on your worst defects, allowing you time to respond before they get out of hand.

Spend less time on support

Never struggle to replicate a crash again. BugSplat crash reports show the full debugger output, register values, loaded modules, and wllows you to attach additional files of your own to each crash report.


Built for your launch

Don't put another development task on your to-do list. You've got enough going on before launch.

BugSplat and EQU8 Anti-Cheat work seamlessly together, making it simple to launch your game with both a crash reporting tool and an anti-cheat solution without unnecesarry work.

Through this package, online multiplayer game developers will have access to BugSplat's crash reporting system with the first 50k crashes free and $10k in credits (or the first six months free) for EQU8's Anti-Cheat software

The game is open to the public. (Launch, Early Access, Open Beta). Closed beta is excluded.

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