EQU8 is part of Int3 Software, a company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our primary goal is protecting video games against cheaters and hackers that disrupts multiplayer gameplay.

The EQU8 team consists of a group of cybersecurity engineers, gamers, and ex-game hackers who are determined to improve the way we handle cheating in gaming.


A modern product for modern times.

EQU8 monitors the system while in-game and looks for suspicious activity. It continuously watches the game (and in some cases surrounding processes) for a vast array of anomalies.

EQU8 strives to have the integration and setup finalized 90 minutes after requesting trial access, which is made possible through our simple engine-agnostic API and detailed step-by-step integration guide.

EQU8 provides a dedicated online support chat channel (#slack) to each project during integration. So questions can be answered as fast as possible.

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