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Protect your videogame against cheaters

EQU8 is a client centric anti-cheat system for online PC games built on three major cornerstones; user-friendliness, a flexible & accurate management system, and world class anti-cheat technology.

What makes us different?

Significantly harder to subvert

In blocking an attempt to tamper with the game, you are effectively disclosing to the attacker what the anti-cheat product does, and how. If on the other hand you are silently observing, it is orders of magnitude more complex to reverse engineer.

Retroactive detections

If a set of anomalies is discovered to be caused by a cheat, EQU8 will retroactively apply the new knowledge to all historic data, for all players.

Fewer false-positives

Since EQU8 will continue to run and gather data even after a cheating anomaly has been discovered (as opposed to terminating or trying to prevent it), the full execution payload of the cheat is always seen, rendering a much deeper incident intelligence.


Integration in minutes

EQU8 strives to have the integration and setup finalized 90 minutes after requesting trial access, which is made possible through our simple engine-agnostic API and detailed step-by-step integration guide.

Works with the world’s leading game engines
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April 2020

BugSplat Partnership

Get BugSplat and EQU8 Anti-Cheat free credits through our Game Development Package

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