EQU8 offers tools to protect, analyse & act on community behavior in videogames. Easy integration with minimal impact on performance.

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A lightweight client-side anti-cheat solution to protect the game from hackers and cheaters.

The anti-cheat can be implemented under 90 minutes, which is made possible through our simple engine-agnostic API and detailed step-by-step integration guide.

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The EQU8 team is very responsive and engaged. This is a big strength of theirs, and we greatly appreciate their unconditional support! The solution is very flexible and configurable, which is important because Dual Universe is a complex game that often requires specific tuning.
Novaquark — happy customer

Dual Universe is a first person based space simulation sandbox massively multiplayer online role play game video game in development by Novaquark

The powerful and flexible protection for all kinds of threats

Whether you want to manage player reports, enforce bans, or integrate our client-side SDK, EQU8's unmatched functionality help you create the best environment for your players.


Better understand how players interact with the game.


Track player reporting and take action on cases.


Detect players using malicious actions inside your game.

Ban Enforcer

Kick or ban players serverside to prevent them from joining your servers.

Pay-as-you-go pricing

Everything you need to continuously block cheaters and analyse players across your games.

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